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GARMIN Descent G1 Solar Review 2022

Posted on: 18 May, 2022

In recent years, GARMIN has invested a lot of effort in the diving field. From the very beginning of the GARMIN Descent Mk1, Mk2 series, and even the Descent T1 transmitter with GARMIN's original SubWave submersible sonar technology, they have continued to promote the application of diving wearable equipment to cross-generational application scenarios. go ahead. Once upon a time, the GARMIN Descent series silently became synonymous with honor in the diving world. In 2022, with the gradual unblocking of the epidemic, GARMIN will also simultaneously announce the latest Descent series member GARMIN Descent G1 Solar solar GPS diving computer watch at the DRT SHOW Malaysia diving exhibition. What new things are stuffed in, let the sea map team lead you to find out!

In the version released this time, the GARMIN Descent G1 series has two versions, the GARMIN Descent G1 Solar and the GARMIN Descent G1. Simply from the name, you can know that the Solar version has the function of solar charging. In fact, the two watches of the GARMIN Descent G1 series, because of the high-contrast, dual-window MIP screen power-saving design, can greatly improve the use time of the watch. In watch mode, it can even provide up to 21 days of use time, which is sufficient for ordinary life and daily life. sports use.

Solar version of the solar charging function, the surface is changed to Power Sapphire sapphire solar mirror, with top-gauge sapphire and high-transparency solar patent panels, not only wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, but also maximize the absorption area of ​​the light source, and convert solar energy into actual electricity with high efficiency. According to the official announcement data, assuming that it is worn all day, more than 3 hours a day in an outdoor environment of 50,000 illuminance, it can provide an additional 103 days of power usage, and can say goodbye to the charger in almost three months.

In the process of going to the dive site, if you unfortunately forget to bring the charger, you can place the Descent G1 Solar on the car and charge it with solar light. During the rest time on the water, you can also put it in the sun to charge the Descent G1 Solar at any time, extending the use time of the watch.

In terms of color choices, GARMIN Descent G1 Solar provides graphite black and hurricane blue, while GARMIN Descent G1 is reef gray and dark gray. In color matching, they all inherit the family tradition of the non-bright saturated series of GARMIN Descent series, in addition to being more durable In addition, it is not easy to cause stains, and it is vaguely called the Outdoor Style concave bean style with built-in multiple sports modes.

In recent years, with the co-branding of trendy brands and outdoor products to bring products into the eyes of young people, Outdoor Style seems to have transformed from an old-fashioned image into a synonym for "personality" and "trend". The design is also aimed at the concave coffee that likes outdoor sports.

The Descent G1 series, like other Descent Mk series diving watches, has been certified by the US military standard MIL-STD 810, which is a variety of specifications defined by the US military for military products, including extreme pressure, temperature, shock, Various tests such as vibration, rainfall, humidity, salt spray, dust, vibration, fungus, etc. also mean that the GARMIN Descent series diving watches have a higher safety rate. Both Descent G1 series watches have a sapphire crystal, so they can provide more comprehensive protection.


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