Vivomove HR - Replacement Support

Posted on: 04 Aug, 2018

Your Garmin Connect™ account indicates when the battery level is low on your device. Garmin® recommends that you take your device to a professional watch repair person to replace the battery. The device uses one CR2025 battery.

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Vivoactive 3 - How Music Works

Posted on: 13 Jun, 2018

When it comes to music, the device is almost identical to that of the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music introduced this past winter at CES.  But, there are some minor differences in terms of navigating around the user interface, since this only has one button instead of multiple buttons. But, if you already know that watch and want the one-sentence short version of this watch, it’s well…same-same.  For everyone else, you can continue on.

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Vivosmart 4 - Manual

Posted on: 04 May, 2018

You can pair your vívosmart device with a different mobile device after completing the initial setup.

NOTE: You can pair your vívosmart device with only one mobile device at a time.

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